In our Christian walk, this past Sunday was Palm Sunday. If you read in John 12, you will capture the story of Jesus’ last days before He was crucified. What began on that day as cheers for the king would end in those yelling to crucify Him. Folks met him shouting “Hosanna”, which means “Save!” in Hebrew. It would become an exclamation of praise. They were shouting “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

If you keep reading in John 12, you will see that Jesus knew what was about to happen to Him. He knew how horrible it would be. Knowing these things made his heart very heavy. He could have backed out. He could have said He didn’t want to go through with it. He could have made a different choice. I am eternally grateful He didn’t make a different choice. I’m thankful He chose to love each and every one of us with the greatest love of all. He chose to love us with the love that is willing to die for us.

So many times, we get to Palm Sunday and we like to speed right past what took place that week and land right on Easter Sunday. I have had the opportunity in the past to participate in the waving of the palms in our service. Although I have waved palms in our Easter stories set to music in the past, there was something special about taking part in it for the actual service. I hope you will take a few minutes today to think about Jesus as your King, your Lord, and most of all, your Savior. Exclaim “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

Today is known as Maundy Thursday, where we as Christians take in the moment of when Jesus shared the last supper with the disciples and washed their feet before He was crucified. In John 13:31-35, He gave us a commandment to love one another. I believe it will change your walk with Christ if you look up the word “hosanna” and the phrase “last supper” in your concordance or on Biblegateway.com and follow where it leads you. I believe it will be instrumental in you remembering what Christ did on the cross. I encourage you to take time tonight to truly study the Bible and meditate on this so you can begin to soak in Christ’s love for you. If your church offers a Maundy service, I encourage you to attend. I believe this will make your Easter the best ever, when you remember how much Christ loved you then and still loves you now.