O How I Love the Lost and Found!!

Psalm 145:13 tells us that the Lord is faithful in all His words (promises) and kind in all His works (all he has made).

We have the ability to love because God first loved us. This reminds me of the hymn, “O how I Love Jesus”. Go ahead and sing the chorus! I don’t want to waste that ability to love, do you? God gave His Son to allow us the ability to love. Jesus is our example of loving unconditionally. He’s our example here on earth. Loving unconditionally is very hard to do, though, isn’t it? Have you ever had someone tell you they would protect you, even die for you? That’s what Jesus did for you. He died to protect you from eternal separation from God. He died so you wouldn’t have to spend eternity in a horrible, horrible place.

Check out what Zephaniah 3:17 says. It tells us that He is in our midst and is mighty to save. He rejoices over you with singing and quiets you with love.

He doesn’t just love us for us. He loves us so we can have the example to love others. We are to love God and others. Let’s not waste that ability.

God is unashamed of our sin and still loves us. He knows we sin and still loves us. God forgives everyone. Nothing we have done is too bad for God’s love. Have you ever lost something and began looking for it everywhere? You kept looking and finally found it? That’s God! That’s the church! Some folks know in their hearts they need to seek God, but make the decision to go with the rest of the world instead. Some folks make the decision to seek God and accept Him. When you accept Christ as your Savior, the church rejoices with you! I encourage you to seek God today, admit your short comings to Him, turn from your old ways and turn to God. When you realize you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing and that God has a far better way to live, tell God this and turn to Jesus. God is waiting for you. God is watching for you. God has a wonderful party planned for you. RSVP today!