Scripture Memory 10/15/2019

Did you know the book of Philippians is also known as the book of joy? It talks of the all-sufficiency of Christ, in every circumstance. Not just the good circumstances. You can have joy in the bad circumstances too. Paul urges us to be like Christ. In Philippians 2;4, he says we shouldn’t just look out for our own interests. He says we should look out for the interests of others. What a wonderful world this would be if we all did that! Further in this same chapter, he encourages us to put action to our faith.
If you have lost your joy, you can get it back! Begin considering others above yourself. Begin encouraging others. Begin serving others. That’s living out your faith. That’s putting action to your faith. That’s joy, my friend.
Now is a great time to put your faith into action. Make it a point to pick up some non-perishable food items, like peanut butter or spaghetti sauce, or whatever you would like. It’s that time of year when we all start planning for our Thanksgiving dinners. Pick up extras. Put these together and take them to your local food pantry. Better yet. Organize a food drive during your fall festival, or at your place of business. Here in Montgomery, Texas, we have the Coat of Many Colors food pantry. They help over 100 families. I’m sure they would appreciate your donation. 936.672.7808.

Build bridges and allow God to change your life. You will never regret it.
In His love,

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