Scripture Memory 2/1/2020

It’s already February! Can you believe it? We’ve been super busy here at Building Bridges Ministry! We recently launched our very first audio podcast on YouTube! An audio podcast is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but never set aside the time for it. I hope you will search for me on YouTube and subscribe. Please be sure to allow notifications so you will know when we post new audio and video for you to enjoy. Please continue to pray for us as we move forward with God’s direction. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time! We have so much to learn!

In our podcast, we talked about Romans 12.  Verse 1 says – “I urge you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship.”

Sacrifice in the original language is praise offered to God through obedience.  

Worship is your response to Who God has shown Himself to be to you personally.  

You are worshipping God when you set time aside each day to spend with Him.  

You are worshipping God when you are in prayer with Him – talking to Him AND listening.  

Have you discovered the best time for you and God to spend time together?  Is it first thing in the morning with your first cup of coffee?  Is it on your lunch hour?  Is it at night after you are finished with supper and your day is slowing down?  Do you enjoy playing background music while you read the Bible or do you prefer it to be quiet?  I usually start singing to the songs, so I usually read and pray in total silence.  My Pastor recently introduced me to an online site that has instrumental praise and worship music, so I gave it a try. In fact, I was listening to it as I sat down to discover what God wanted me to share with you today.  Make your time with God tailored to you.  

I’ve read that it takes anywhere from 18 – 254 days for a new habit to form.  That’s a pretty broad spectrum.  I guess it depends on the habit. My guess is you’ll enjoy your time with God so much it won’t take much time at all.  You will begin to feel the peace only He can give, so you will want to spend time with Him.  You will experience Him working in your life, and you will want to tell Him thank you.  Here are a few practical steps to take today, so you can start spending more consistent time with God starting immediately! 

1.  Create a 30 minute appointment on your calendar each day.

2.  Ask God to help you to keep your appointment as a priority.

3.  Keep your appointment. Mean Business.

4.  Ask God to show you something new.

5.  Open your Bible to John and begin reading.

Build Bridges and allow God to change your life. You will never regret it.

In His love,


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