Scripture memory 5/1/2020

You’ve heard me say before that I truly believe we are in the middle of a huge revival.  

I am seeing people attend church who haven’t been in a long time.  Maybe they are enjoying the Drive In Service style.  Maybe they are feeling the Lord calling them to Him.  That’s my prayer each night at 8:00.

I’m seeing the Lord call people to our videos and podcasts that have never heard of us before.  Thank you for sharing!  

I’m seeing some of you share your faith with family and friends and I know this is the hardest thing to do.  Sharing what you believe with those you truly care about is so hard.  

In some ways you think it would be easier because you know them and they know you. I’ve found it to be the most difficult because I’m more afraid of rejection.  

I had to learn they weren’t rejecting me.  They are rejecting the message.  We are not called to convince them.  We are called to tell them.  So please don’t give up talking to people about your faith and hope in Jesus Christ!  Please don’t grow weary!  It’s so worth it!  

Galatians 6:9 says – And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Build bridge and allow God to change your life. You’ll never regret it.

In His love,


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