Scripture Memory 7/1/2019

Have you ever really thought about where you will spend eternity? I mean, when your time on earth is through, have you thought about the place you will be forever? I was talking to someone about living Kingdom-minded. I see the beauty that God has created all around me, I hear about heaven, but I don’t think I grasp the Royal kingdom I will live in one day. Revelation 21 talks about the new jerusalem. We are given specifics so we can know it is a real place. There are details of the length, width, and height. It tells us of the precious stones that are there. The streets are made of gold and the gates are one single pearl. The “pearly gates” aren’t these ginormous gates plastered with tons of pearls all over them. The Bible tells us each gate (there are more than one gate) is made of a single pearl. Wow! Can you close your eyes and imagine how beautiful that single pearl must be? That’s just the gate! You step inside and you are standing on gold!
Rev 21:23 – And the city has no need of the sun or of the moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God has illumined it, and its lamp is the Lamb.
Wow wow wow! God’s splendor gives it light!
I had selected this verse and written this devotion a couple days before Earl and I attended a memorial service for a friend who recently passed away. At the service, our friend’s brother shared a conversation they had about heaven. Although he was grieving his brother because he was missing him here on earth, he was thankful he knew they would be reunited one day, for all eternity. As a child of God, this excited me. I told myself I would begin to live more Kingom-minded so others will want to live there too! Don’t you?
Be intentional today to share God’s love with someone. Be intentional today to invite someone to church. If someone’s name popped into your head just now, that’s who you are to contact. I encourage you to do it today. Don’t let another day go by. If a name didn’t come to your mind, it’s ok. It could mean you haven’t met them yet. Ask God to reveal them to you. They could be at the grocery store, dry cleaners, or a restaurant. They might be your neighbor that just moved in. Whoever God reveals to you, do it today. Finish today’s assignment so you are ready for tomorrow’s assignment.
Build bridges and allow God to change your life. You will never regret it.
In His love,